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Get ready with me as I put on new Wink Clique Lashes!

Wink Clique Lashes can be worn for a week at a time with their special Wink Clique glue. After a week, they can be removed with the special Wink Clique Remover and then a fresh set can be applied!

Each lash strip comes in 4 sections that are easy adjusted to your individual eye shape, & applied underneath your natural lashes. 

Each box of Wink Clique Lashes comes with a set of 5 lashes in a variety of styles, and will supply you with over a month of beautiful lashes! 

I used to get professional lash extensions but disliked how expensive, time consuming & damaging they were to my natural lashes. With Wink Clique my lashes always look full and I can apply them easily at home whenever I need. 

*Interested in trying Wink Clique? Use my code "HOLLEY10" for 10% off your first order!

New to Wink Clique? Here's what I recommend!

  • Vol 1 Lashes - The style I'm wearing in this video, my fav!
  • Black Lash Glue - Special Wink Clique Glue, why they last so long!
  • The Remover - Easily removes the lash stripes without damaging your lashes

You can shop their full selection of lash styles & products here, or visit

I hope you love them as much as I do!

*Lashes can be cleaned daily with a q-tip & micellar water to keep them clean.

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