How to Dress Hourglass Shape

How to Dress an Hourglass Shape

An hourglass figure is usually equal in the ratio of the shoulders & hips with a narrow waist. Marilyn Monroe is a timeless example of that.

The hourglass shape tends to be the "ideal" when it comes to a body shape. All other body types are trying to achieve this kind of balanced look, so if you have an hourglass shape, all you need to do it make sure you don't loose it in the way you are dressing.


Look for wrap tops, peplum tops, more form fitting shapes all look great. You can play around with different neck lines, high or low. Just avoid anything with a loose blousy fit around the middle that makes you loose your shape and definition in the waist.


In dresses in skirts, look to enhance you shape and create curved lines. Accentuate your amazing curves. Play with pencil, full & A-line skirts, as long as their is a waistline where you are getting definition in the waist, you are good. Avoid straight silhouettes unless belted or cinched with an accessory.

High waisted jeans and trousers are also great on this body shape, they will hit the smallest part of your waist and make you shape look amazing. 

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